I've spent many years learning so much through reading peoples blogs, it's time for me to give back and contribute.

Using Optional Chaining and Nullish Coalescing Operator in JavaScript

Using these two operators provides you some serious opportunities to write robust code in a way that doesn't require additional libraries or harder to read code. Well worth trying out!

15 August 2021

(Reading time: 9 minutes)

How to ask for help debugging the right way

We've all needed help from somebody else solving an issue, and theres nothing wrong with that. Helping each other is one of the great parts of being in a team, what we will look at here is how to do this effectively.

8 May 2020

(Reading time: 6 minutes)

Using React Helmet to Manage the Document Head and SEO tags

Managing the <head> of your HTML document is made very easy using the react-helmet component. In this post we look at how to do it and what are the minimum SEO tags that you should be including with it.

13 April 2020

(Reading time: 8 minutes)

Netlify CMS Variable Types and Gatsby

Missing a flexible content approach, I really wanted to bring this to my Netlify CMS site. In this post I break down how I approached this using Netlify CMS's Variable Types, and what you would have to do to achieve the same thing.

8 April 2020

(Reading time: 10 minutes)

Configuration tips for Netlify CMS

Netlify CMS is a great CMS for management of a simple JAMstack site, such as a personal site like this one. Here I will talk about how I have configured my instance to work for me.

28 March 2020

(Reading time: 6 minutes)

Remote Development Team Assistance Using VS Code Live Share

As a newly remote working development team we've had to adjust how we can help each other when working on those 'can you just take a look at this' moments. Here is how we are dealing with it to work together.

22 March 2020

(Reading time: 7 minutes)

Sharing Local Static Sites Remotely Using ngrok

How our team are using ngrok to be able to share our local static site builds remotely.

22 March 2020

(Reading time: 3 minutes)

Sharing Local WordPress Sites Remotely Using ngrok

Sharing local WordPress sites through ngrok has some issues, here is how my team solved them in a simple but robust way.

22 March 2020

(Reading time: 5 minutes)

My First Site Using Gatsby.js

As with most developers I used my own site as a test, this time using Gatsby with React. Here are some of the parts that I liked, issues that I came across and how I solved (some) of them.

17 March 2020

(Reading time: 7 minutes)

Launch of my new site

Welcome to the new site. I've been negligent of my own site for years now but lets change that!

15 March 2020

(Reading time: 2 minutes)