People share cool things that they create everyday, here are some of the highlights that I have come across for you to check out too.

Tae'lur Alexis 100 days of Vanilla JS

Losing the framework or library specific demos, Tae'lur Alexis takes a look at the fundamentals of JavaScript, teaching the building blocks that everyone would benefit from knowing. I find it amazing that people are putting resources like this into the community, especially with JavaScript which is always constantly evolving. I personally am really excited to follow this series as it comes out over the next year or so, I would recommend you follow along too even if you think you are already solid on the JS front (if even just to see what other themes come along after Sailor Moon!)

8 April 2020

Hell-bent for Webperf

A new YouTube series from Jeremy Wagner, a name that if you don't know when it comes to web performance, you should. The first episode is out now on Intersection Observer API and excited to see whats is going to come in the future. Would be a recommended subscribe or bookmark.

28 March 2020

Netlify CMS

A static content management system built around saving content into markdown files, amazingly easy to configure and always under active development with new features being developed regularly. Can be used with a multitude of static site generators, would recommend to anybody working with JAMstack technologies.

22 March 2020

VS Code Live Share

An amazing VS Code extension that allows you to give remote access to your projects remotely, within the context of their editor. Giving access to everything from the files, git commit ability, shared servers and terminal. A truly staggering bit of technology that should be part of all VS Code users toolkit.

22 March 2020


Bringing a bit of fun to the 'back to top' functionality of a site, try it with your sound on! In the words on my teammate, it's "classy", and who wouldn't want to bring some more class to their sites haha

18 March 2020

digita11y - Accessibility Toolkit

A collection of tools for designers, developers and site owners to help you create accessible experiences online, something I am learning more about every day and is very important!

18 March 2020

Ladybug Podcast

This is a podcast by Emma Bostian, Kelly Vaughn and Ali Spittel - one that I have been listening to religiously over the past six months or so and have loved every episode. With a whole bunch of episodes across a range of subject matters, ranging from technical to other career and personal elements, if you haven't listened to it yet jump into the back catalogue now.

15 March 2020

The CSS Podcast

A new podcast by Una Kravets and Adam Argyle, only one episode so far but it was a nice, easily digestible 12 minute look at the CSS box model. Can't wait to listen to more as they come out!

15 March 2020


This is a new extension that I've only used a couple of times so far, but can think of so many times where I wish I had it in the past. Give it a go and give feedback too as Jonathan Carter is looking to develop it further.

15 March 2020