I always like to find out what setups, editors and extensions other people are using. Here are mine!

VS Code: My editor of choice

Absolutely loving the VS Code Editor for the past year or so, it is highly configurable, works fantastically, no more Git integration memory issues and fantastic eco system of extensions, though I always try to keep it light.

Speaking of which, some extensions I would recommend are:

  • Git Blame(even though I have issues with the name)
  • Duplicate Action
  • Prettier – Code Formatter
  • Live Share
  • Code Tour (a new addition but loving it so far)
  • Docker Explorer

Browser Extensions

As web developers we spend our days in our browsers, actually who doesn't. Here are some of the helpful tools that I use to improve my developer experience in mine.

Software and Tools

Not everything that we do is in browser, here are some of the softwares that I use. I am on macOS so some of these may be just for the Apple customers out there.

  • GoCD – open source continous deployment server
  • Fork – really nice lightweight git GUI
  • Imageoptim – powerful and handy tool for bulk image optimisations
  • Evernote – I need help to keep all my notes organised and find this perfect
  • Postman – when working with APIs I love using Postman to explore endpoints
  • Sequel Pro – free software for database management
  • Spectacle – the most used app on my machine perfect for window management