Rio 2016 Branding Revealed

10th Aug 2014 in Design

To mark the two year countdown to the Rio 2016 Olympics they have released the visual identity for the event. I give my opinion on the latest Olympic branding.

My Experience using Homebrew Package Manager

9th Aug 2014 in Blog, Terminal

My experience installing and using Homebrew Package Manager for OSX. Lightweight and easy to use I recommend to anyone using an abundance of terminal tools.

Provide a fallback for RGBA colours using a SASS @mixin

10th Jun 2014 in Experiments, SASS

Provide a fallback for non RGBA compatible browsers. Create a appropriate hex value mixing the fore/background colours together for faux transparency effect.

Combining SASS features and filtering @each loops

30th May 2014 in Experiments, SASS

Using a combination of a SASS mixin and each loop to filter the output and use a SVG sprite of any size throughout a site.