To mark the two year countdown to the Rio 2016 Olympics they have released the visual identity for the event. With bright colours encompassing famous landmarks and a curved, almost stained glass illustrative style it really differentiates itself from the straight edged abrupt shapes we saw two years ago in London 2012.

Rio 2016 Branding

With all the cities receiving their own illustration this is then combined for the larger overall illustration. Although not literally placed on top and next to each other you can see the shapes of the individual illustrations being blended together into one illustration that really flows together seamlessly – hopefully a good sign of how the cities will work together to create a great event!

Rio 2016 Branding

Rio 2016 Branding Cities

The design team produced a visual identity for the Games using images of Rio easily recognised throughout the world, with an organic and all-embracing feel, that gives the impression of a hug, inspired by nature’s beauty and human warmth.

Rio 2016 Signs

What I think

Overall I think it's a nice visual identity, it seems suitable for the host cities culture whilst also being non-exclusionary to the rest of the world. It is bright, on the happy side of the emotional spectrum with people holding hands in the logo... but above all it does work. One thing I will say though is that I haven't really felt that there has been anything game changing for years when comes to the visual identity of events like these.

Olympic Logo's 2008 - 2016

If you were to take any one of these events individually they would still stand strong, but as a progression there doesn't seem to be a great deal of evolution going on. Now this could be down to the policies not wanting to risk anything too great by playing off what worked successfully the years before but I would love to see something truly different and memorable. In fact despite the utter tearing into that the 2012 Olympics visual identity received (especially the logo) this actually did try to make a break for it. In fact at least when it comes to the logo you could say that they have backtracked on this direction, probably to avoid the same critiqued response they received two years ago. Of course this is always easier said then done when you aren't the one who would have to accomplish it, but one can live to dream.

I will say though I loved the Canada 2015 Women's World Cup poster released a while back, apart from the fact that it got people discussing it and bringing attention to women's football, and although not exactly vastly different in illustrative style to the Rio 2016's own to me it just seems a bit more textured, intricate and I suppose a bit less corporate than what we will see at the next olympics.